Soulection // Radio Show #240


A SOULECTION family New Year special!

Over the course of 2015 my life changed dramatically, swinging like a pendulum between housing arrangements and cities of residence while sharp like a guillotine when slashing new found realities. The one constant throughout was Soulection; an uninhibited, goal affirming, 120 minutes of pirate radio gone legit thanks to Apple Music and Beats 1, presented by cult figure/boss man Joe Kay. Primarily focused on providing a platform for new artists with wild beats to be heard on a mass scale – a community which nears 300K members on SoundCloud alone – Joe remains a humble presenter with a passion for music unrivalled in mainstream music media today. With constant h/t to the artists who inspire the new gen and a widespread appreciation for all forms of art, the ritualistic streaming of Soulection Radio has become a staple in my weekly routine.

As I tuned in to Beats 1 – 1.30pm each Sunday for Adelaide fam – I among many were left anxious to find no Joe. A rare three hour session (“just like the old days!” Joe beams) is our consolation, a fine excerpt from New Year’s Eve celebrations a world away. Track list isn’t yet available, but in all honesty it defeats the purpose if I were to rattle off the musicians included in this tape. Soulection is not predestination. It is appreciating each minute between beginning and end.