Watch • Jarreau Vandal // Suburb Superhero

Jarreau Vandal

“I AM the superhero who provides people their music in the club so they can forget about their daily struggle.”

Soulection‘s worldwide ethos is fittingly encapsulated through the diversity on their roster. Covering base in the Americas, Asia, Europe, as well as Australia, Jarreau Vandal is one more of the collective’s artists broadening dance music’s scope of sound. Tapped up through the power of online networking to communicate an urban message via Soulection’s global platform – Vandal’s ‘Suburb Superhero‘ is a record he had to make – embodying the nostalgia of working class Amsterdam with a video he and director Emmanuel Adjei feels resonate in parts of Los Angeles.

In an interview with PIGEONS & PLANES, Adjei explains “when we started to look for visual references for this project, we felt like we needed to capture the feeling we both share when we think back of our old neighbourhood.” Having grown up in same suburbs as Vandal, Adjei’s understanding of the track’s geographical connotations has inspired it’s visual counterpiece to blossom despite it’s disparity between ideological and shot locations. Continuing, Adjei says “there’s always a certain stillness in the architecture that is surrounded by both a natural and an industrial landscape,” a feature both artist and director agree is apparent in the streets of their childhood and similarly the boulevards they explore today.

SUBURB SUPERHERO EP is available to stream now on Apple Music.