Alba Is Bringing Their Live Set To Rocket Bar For An Adelaide Cup Eve Special

alba young muscle

FEEL free to sleep in the next day. 

Ah, the long weekend; not so good for hospo and retail workers, damn good for everyone else. I’d spare a thought for the DJ’s but they’re doing what they love. And so brings forth a specialised Sunday night instalment of Young Muscle’s monthly series – featuring Sydney-based, Plastic World signee Alba. The collaboration of two young producers with a keen sense for abstract melody and determined dreams to forge live performance will come to fruition Sunday, March 13th (today!) all but affirming an evening of exceptionally crafted, smoked-out house cuts.

Forecasting another lights on low warm-up delivered by Furious Frank, Alfonso Frawls, Brandeaux and Young Muscle DJ’s. Alfonso Frawls in particular, a raw House producer having visions out of SA, put together ‘UP LAST‘ – an early AM mixtape (as the title suggests) fuelled by (and containing) illicit substances. Pay close attention to Frawls’ original tracks up front and in middle – hit the EVENT for more details, + join for cheaper entry! See you through the fog.