Strict Face // Rouge Park

strict face

FROTH Face. 

Last but certainly not least in NLV Records five-track sampler – proceeding Strict Face in a weekly drip of free downloads the intoxicating AIR MAX ’97 – is the talisman of Adelaide’s burgeoning grime scene (see HEAPS GULLY at Ancient World, amongst others) and undoubtedly ready to wage war on conventional music taste in 2016. Jon Santos AKA Strict Face produces by no means easily accessible sounds, intertwining elements of classic UK garage influence with modern love for R&B and commercial synth-pop for an end product over time audiences have been challenged by and excitingly embraced. Pounced upon by Nina Las Vegas – who clearly shares similar high appraisal for Santos – as part of her inaugural roster and sent to work on an instrumental jewel, Rogue Park isn’t without the heavy grime basslines that have become a parcel of his work, nor the exquisitely tuned shaker present again. Drawing collective gasps via celestial chimes affected to imitate the sound of water droplets, Rogue Park produces an image of disruption to calm spheres, think a still rivertop of pond skaters creating accidental art only for the skies to open up and heavens rain down below. Strict Face will be playing a yet to be announced show at Rocket Bar this Saturday.