Panama // It’s Not Over (Kölsch Remix)

Panama // It's Not Over (Kölsch Remix)

We’ve previously posted Panama‘s lush, 80’s infused dream-pop before with their earlier single ‘Magic‘ and the original mix of ‘It’s Not Over‘ garnering critical acclaim from the local music honchos. In anticipation for their headline tour around Australia, Danish producer Kölsch has spat out a dynamic display of pure northern-European elation.

Described by Future Classic lynchpins as “a day-four-at-a-festival-in-belgium-as-it-starts-to-rain-and-we-were-dripping-in-lost-euphoria techno“, we tend to agree, going one further by adding a’molly-induced-rave-rave-dance-dance-freakout‘ amongst this eight minute stomper.

Out a couple days ago with further remixes from Ejeca & Dave DK, this is a package brimming with diverse and quality sounds; a proper showcase of Australian boys making good. Go get it.