Nonames // Shallow ft. Marger & D.Ablo (Linden Jay Remix)

linden jay nonames remix

FORWARD thinking Londoner on a jam befitting your pre yiros stomach growl.     

I’m vibing on a few low-end House burners today – Airwolf‘s GET IT ON TONITE flicked across my feed and I’ve been meaning to post Cassian‘s last release on Sweat It Out, FEEL IT – each honourable mentions but Linden Jay in particular has quenched my thirst for liquid groove. Chasing after Nonames solo production Shallow, notably having performed as 1/3 of UK rap luminaries Foreign Beggars, Jay synchronises a 4×4 version of events. Applying an augury, chainsaw animated synth lead balanced delicately with the time-honoured sound of closed hats represents Jay’s penchant for making the familiar sound unfamiliar. Refreshingly cool and receives our full support.