Montell2099 // Space


FIND me someone else in the world who is constructing music like this on their laptop.

Aukland based MONTELL2099 is as futuristic as his millennia spanning name suggests; unveiling a voyaging passage of extended intro/outro paths sandwiching the intergalactic behemoth that is ‘Space‘. Simultaneously containing an ear-pleasingly plucked, open air, slow build contrasting the raucously nasty, self inspired Opbounce drop is a masterstroke – a young producer who has found his niche impressively over the project’s Internet lifespan, it’s hard not to appreciate the effort involved on the artist’s part communicating a consistent vision through his artwork and evolving palette of output sound.

While Space isn’t available for download, Montell2099’s previous releases ‘POSSIBLE‘ and ‘FLUTE HER‘ are a must have.