Luke Million // Archetype ft. Jewson

luke million

CHET Faker, this is funk. You’re welcome. 

Fresh from blitzing through a headline set at Futuresounds Festival as part of his past-life-band-guy* with The Swiss – Adelaide’s synth-maestro and for me one of the most underrated musicians in the country – Luke Million is doing the digital dash, alluring again an artist from a different genre out of their comfort zone. On Archetype, the first single lifted from Luke’s upcoming EP rearing March ’16, his quoted enthusiasm for synth-powered disco and funk convinced Jewson from Aussie hip hop collective Thundamentals to lay down the final vocals.

Delving into the hows and huhs, Luke recalls being at “Studios 301 in a writing session with legends Jeswon, Trials and Chance Waters. We were vibing out on some tracks together, we gelled really well and before we knew it we were channelling funk, hip hop and electronic music into this next level party jam.”

The move to etcetc has solidified his standing within Australia’s more publicly accessible scene, opening new doors to collaborations with artists before unreasonable. Whilst in light of this, Million’s vision remains Everclear and free from destructive dabbling as his Euro-disco dream is beamed to each of us. Archetype encapsulates the vintage era of synthesiser use, face melting solo included which when performed live can be impressively pounded out upon Luke’s own 80’s keytar – an instrument I sincerely hope finds its place amongst popular music again. Performing as THE SWISS THIS FRIDAY at Lucky’s Beach Club – with guaranteed keytar.

*The Swiss are very much the future