FITT First • Psalms // Lose Control [EP]


THE enigmatic PSALMS emerges with a debut, three-track EP.

Mystery out of Melbourne is the least absurd thing you’ll hear today, as its dense population and grandiose structures allow for those who dare desire slip between the cracks. The identity concealed Psalms matches that criteria; via shadowy alleyways and underground routes we can premiere the first, full release from the Astrx/Ministry of Sound affiliated producer.

Unloading straight up like a shoot first, ask questions later Victorian cop, title track Lose Control is a shuffling Bass-House leaner allying itself with prog synthesised lines and a Jumpman like presence of reverb. Collaborating with Chicago vocalist Kid Enigma – who can be found featuring on Dirtybird and B Natural tunes alike – is an astute partnership as Enigma’s experience through environment bodes well for Lose Control, injecting a dose of authenticity throughout.

Ever catch yourself wondering what if Disclosure weren’t so damn passionate about luscious pop programming and waded deeper into murkier House territory? South Beach Shuffle may not have the slick UK glean of When A Fire Starts To Burn, but that’s precisely the point; instead Psalms, while toying with similarly modulated synth key patterns, incorporates a 303, Acid tinge to offset the increasingly redundant Vanilla House movement. With early support from Go Freek you can expect to hear it bumped in cities across the country.

MVO (Melbourne’s Very Own) Barry Tones, reminiscent of an elderly aged Gil Scott-Heron over Dance All Night, provides a soulful elegance sometimes found wanting in homegrown dance music. Psalms links elongated bass rumbling underneath a low-end set of perverse piano chords, intertwining glorious vocal lines to devastating effect here. Personally, my favourite of the three.

Previews throughout the post only draw the outline – fill the picture with unedited versions of Lose Control EP out now on BEATPORT.