Asdasfr Bawd // Negative Energy

Asdasfr Bawd - Negative Energy

NOTHING but positivity for an artist on the rise.

Turning our sights to state neighbours Victoria and 19-year old Asdasfr Bawd (pronounced az-daz-for bauwd) is the latest eclectic, electronic composer consistently publishing highbrow content. Negative Energy is the second single off Bawd’s forthcoming EP – Underpass, having previously dropped the footwork frenzied Alsp from it to manic acclaim. Seemingly content are Solitaire Recordings – housing also minimal journey jammers I’lls – to express his idiosyncratic brand of rhythm and bass, Negative Energy oozes carefully considered, programmable flair, reflecting the nature of the label’s experimental catalogue. Locking listeners in with its possessive teetering percussion, routinely fired off in succinct coordination with a pitched vocal loop, Bawd represents something quintessentially Melbourne in his sound. Having spent six months living in St Kilda this year I recognised most certainly an individualistic trend coursing through the city’s veins. A breeding ground for boundary pushing, unashamedly ambitious projects in an environment that encourages and supports innovation in contemporary dance music will only further flourish. A call to arms for the rest of the nation to speedily follow suit.