Riffie // Exclusive Mix + Interview

Riffie // Exclusive Mix

Riffie are an exciting duo originally from Adelaide whom are relatively new to the scene. In saying this the team of Matt Klose and Mike Wills are not to be under-estimated; with a number of stellar bootlegs and remixes you’d be crazy not to follow these guys to the top.

We’ve been following Riffie for quite some time now and it’s been a great pleasure to watch the boys learn and grow over the year. Their sound is layered in bassy goodness and it is always a pleasure to hear a set from them. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Riffie today to bring you our latest exclusive mix! Oh, and we managed to chuck in a sneaky interview as well for those who like an interesting read. During the interview we talk about the move to Melbourne, production and what’s happened so far on the Riffie journey.

As always you can listen and download the mix below. Burn it to a CD, chuck it on your iPhone, stream it or whatever just make sure you give the time to listen to this gem. Your ears will thank you for it.

FITT: Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to chat with us today! We’ll kick things off by asking how the collaboration of you two (Matt Klose & Mike Wills for the readers) came about?

Riffie: I think Matt & I originally met over Soundcloud roughly a couple of years ago. We had mutual friends around Adelaide so small talk was easy. I think just through sharing similar visions together we decided to catch up, try a few collaborations & see what we could come up with. Through the first few sessions we threw some ideas out there & the project kind of took off from there.

FITT: Having watched the two of you DJ together a few times now we’ve noticed there’s always a lot of chat and heaps of suggestions thrown back and forth while mixing, do you think it’s important for there to be good communication behind the decks? AND which do you guys prefer, DJ’ing alone or as Riffie?

Riffie: Haha, yeah I think communication is important but to be honest the only reason we throw so many words back & forth during sets at the moment is because as “DJs” we’ve only just started gigging together as Riffie. We’ve both got a bank of solo experience behind us but as a duo were still fine tuning how we work together. The more gigs we play together, the less we’ll have to verbally communicate what we’re thinking.

FITT: Riffie have supported some big names and played in some of the best clubs scattered throughout Adelaide, which has been your favourite show to play so far? Have there been any stand-out memorable moments?

Riffie: To be honest, the gigs we’ve done together so far we could probably count on one hand. I suppose we’ve both been using Adelaide as a kind of training ground for the DJ side of things. We both agreed to no residencies as Riffie for now because we know we’d have to compromise what we do to make it work here. From the start we made a few guidelines to make sure this project stays true & fun for us. In saying that though it was awesome to be able to be on support duties for both Yuksek & Digitalism in our first few gigs!

FITT: We’ve come to love that Riffie sound here at the FITT offices. Could you tell us a bit about your favourite DAW, plugin’s and perhaps the most used item in the studio?

Riffie: We both used Ableton, so we obviously stuck with using that daw. We swap through a few v.s.t plugin’s: massive, albino, etc. Our baby would be the Ableton push. It is so useful in so many ways and has really helped us come up with some cool stuff.

FITT: So what lays ahead for Riffie? Is next year looking to shape up big? We can’t wait to hear more from you guys!

Riffie: Well I am moving to Melbourne in the next few days (Matt) and Mike plans on moving over early next year. This may make production a bit hard for a little while, but we are both committed to keep it going. We’ll both be in Adelaide to play Stereosonic ’13 & a NYE boat party. As for right now we are doing a remix for a Sydney band which is shaping up to be a cool but a different remix for us. Next year we plan on just focusing on our productions skills next and hopefully we will get some original material out!

FITT: It all sounds excellent boys. We’d just like to thank you guys again for putting together a brilliant mix for us and always being top dudes!

Riffie: No worries, thanks for supporting us from the start!