No Album? No Worries, Kaytranada Springs 8 Previously Unreleased Songs

kaytranada 8 new songs

The Montreal kid gone gold and briefly quiet while pushing out jams to the British public, in his spare time it seems Kaytranada has become increasingly frustrated with his output evident last week when he let loose a ragtag of unfinished works. Each gleaming in a slick sheen of incomplete ideas and fractions of inner-self frustration, all the while delivering a standard production we’ve become accustomed to. In amongst A Tribe Called Quest flips and the endless loops of vintage funk, the heavily sampled offcuts are an insight into the flair and ingenuity that bubbles inside Kay’s dome.

Whateva U Want is the first shiny red apple in the bunch – reminding us of the glorious era of disco with sharp guitar licks, elongated synthesiser notes and a vocal sample that’ll have you submitting to your partner all night long.

Go Ahead bears the most resemblance to that of a finished product, as one might have caught it being premiered on BBC Radio 1 earlier this year and floating in and out of various DJ sets. Whatever the problem Kay had with this I praise; now we all get that ma fuck today.

More unfinished works in both length and title, Ive Got Your clocks in at under 2 minutes but doesn’t lack any of the womp you’ll find in releases proper. Kaytranada’s composition of music renders me useless, catching every faucet of my attention and stimulating pleasure receptors I didn’t know I had.