Jeffrey Alexander // Bones ft. Gossling

jeffrey alexander

JEFFREY Alexander is waiting for no man, woman or child. 

On the offensive from day dot is Sydneysider Jeffrey Alexander, revealing his best served with a half full glass of pinot noir take on House music with two bolts from the blue. Debut song How You Want To Feel clocked up 50,000 plays in less than a week and is a fun precursor to the Gossling featured Bones we’re reviewing today. Jeffrey’s second release moves away from the stimulated, beat-centric introduction of HYWTF, harnessing Gossling’s stunning vocal delivery instead. Weighting it finely upon stirring synth stabs delivered as delicate watery trickles, Bones is squeamishly nostalgic and strikingly redolent towards Kylie Minogue‘s turn of the century output. With a distinct focus and obvious knack for quality female voice production, clues as to Jeffrey Alexander’s identity begin to unravel.

If you’re wondering who this fella’ could be, the largely anonymous producer has laid bare his past toils in the Australian music scene, unveiling an impressive resume in which his backroom work has for more than a few consummate artists led to multi-platinum selling records. I’m not speculating if the success of these musicians are totally indebted to Jeffrey’s contribution but his finely manicured releases to date suggests there’s a truth buried beneath. Divulging further Jeffrey makes clear “my greatest fear has always been not being judged a success… But something changed. I acknowledged my need to create something using my heart rather than my head. The inspiration to ignore everything that music can do for me and be driven by what music means to me led to the creation of this project.” Could this lead a new wave of well-grounded, emotionally aware, red wine swilling producers to jump out of the shadows and rule the roost? Time will tell.