Hunt // Destructive (Empire Pt.1)


YOUNG Muscle’s crispest face opens up on self-defeating habits and exposing her faults.

An artist’s output is a unique insight to lives of those willing to share. Focusing within, 21 year old Hunt is embarking on a three-part self examination conducted in plain view, explaining first song of the series Destructive to be “about my constantly conflicting attitude towards love and life.” Hailing from Adelaide’s inner south, Madeleine Hunt has been relatively quiet under her Hunt pseudonym, instead embarking on an ultramodern project with Brisbane producer Thomas Skerlj as VRS.US. A world away from her solo material, Hunt’s flexibility to adapt to a swelling EDM beat is remarkable, especially when mused back to back with Destructive; a retrospective analysis of dirty wine glasses, half read books and endless hours working at a coffee shop. Applying a downtempo, hollowed kick bundled with an audible amount of fuzzy guitar reflects a production class beyond that of your average laptop wielding bedroom producer; but as Destructive’s earworm chorus preemptively strikes, the bell collar of Hunt’s cat can be heard ringing throughout the final master – a soul desperate for attention, reminding us the most raw and fragile aspects of music are commonly those we can identify with freely.