Drake // Hotline Bling (Okami Remix)

drake hotline bling okami

INTRODUCING Okami: An intriguing blend of Japanese pop culture and polished, stylistic beat-making.

Drake‘s all conquering Hotline Bling renders no one person immune and predictably has been written/shared/memed to death (FAO Donald Trump & SNL; its over). As such the flurry of remixes and edits are endless and in order to elevate above the pack it takes a substantial, Biggest Loser scale makeover to warrant attention – up steps Okami to the scales. The Gawler resident has been steadily uploading a diversiform set of original and collaborated on productions, delving into genres ranging Post-dub Kawaii Pop to hip hop instrumentals and Future beats, where his latest work falls. Okami holds time steady with rattling pieces of high range drum percussion and implores devotees to move in synchronised waveforms along the lead synth lines, all the time finding a way to tease the most finessed, dubstep laced drop of instruments I think I’ve heard. SoundCloud ripped this down in record time – hit it on the DOWNLOAD.