Dpat // WYN


Soulection-connected producer out of Houston smoothing things over with a quintessential R&B sample.

There are only but a few things of which are lifetime guarantees: taxes, media propaganda and The Weeknd recording emotionally charged songs about loving your girl. She chose the dude without the hair man, let it go. At the very least he provides stunning vocal grabs for likeminded craftsmen to incorporate in their own work. Having heard few songs in recent weeks featuring The Weeknd’s despondent affirmation of desire on 2011’s What You Need, notably ANDREA’s body aching club flip, Dpat‘s choice to tread the path of syrupy temptation is admirable. Why make an already depressingly low-key beat more intoxicatingly morose? Because romance; and in a hazy dreamscape where your emotions linger too long, heart fluttering to the isolated guitar pluck marauding ear to ear, you just might wonder what if?

Put your phone down. Click play instead.