FITT Free Shit // Crooked Colours, Northeast Party House & Paces @ Adelaide UniBar

freebies crooked colours paces

Yes you read correctly, Adelaide’s UniBar is playing host to a mammoth FIVE ACT BILL, featuring FITT favourites Paces & Crooked Colours sandwiched between local electronic duo Problems, Wax Witches and joint headliner Northeast Party House. Phew, what a mouthful. Fitting in nicely with your weekend plans or lack thereof, we’ve got a double pass to giveaway to

J-Louis // Can’t You See

J louis

J-Louis has released some of the best music this year and has hit the money again with this outstanding EP. The lad from California is bringing that west coast vibe that we all love. His track ‘Cant You See‘ being the highlight off Soulection‘s 10th release in the ‘White Label‘ series. This beauty was released last month and fortunately, been the

Beyond The Valley Takes It Up A Notch With Second Announcement

btv second announce

Silly season is well and truly upon us, and with it comes a hefty slew of festival announces, each trying to big up the last. Shining bright through a sea of recycled names is Beyond The Valley, held for the first time this year. Boutique by nature, offering all sorts of luxuries in the world of

Set Mo // Long Way From Home

set mo long way

Ladies & gentlemen let me introduce you to Nick and Stuart, otherwise known as Set Mo. These boys are an Australian duo set for some incredible things. So, lock up your daughters because Set Mo are on the scene after recently releasing their exciting new EP, ‘The Crush‘. There is no turning back now, this is some spine tingling shit and

Carmada // Maybe


It has been a long time coming but the collaboration of two extremely talented legends, known as LDRU and Yahtzel has finally arrived! You shall call them Carmada and boy, are they going to make an impact on the world. I have waited a very long time for this to be released, a little snippet of

Billie Black x Mura Masa // This Simple Pleasure


Let’s talk talent, these two are fresh out of the womb at the age of 17 (Mura Masa) and 19 (Billie Black). Billie Black a singer and songwriter located in London is behind some of the most stimulating lyrics I have heard in a while and is the one of the reasons why this song

St Jerome’s Laneway Festival Returns To Adelaide, Announces Lineup Drop

laneway fest harts mill

From humble beginnings to a festival behemoth and for many now a staple in Australia’s touring circuit, St Jerome’s Laneway Festival is back for 2015. Marking it’s 10th year and showing no signs of going the way of seasoned competitor Big Day Out, Laneway Festival stays on top with it’s eclectic bookings and keen eye for potential

Karen Harding // Say Something


Produced by MNEK, hopefully we all know where this is going. If not, this is guaranteed to be brilliant. Karen Harding, the 22 year old from the great powers of the 18th century, aka Britain is showing us how its done. She brings a funky, little party all in to this tight, little package of a song. ‘Say