Paces // Can’t Touch Me ft. Madeline Vida

Paces CantTouchMe

Jersey boy Paces is back so soon, his previous release ‘Julian‘ coming less than 2 months ago, with another high octane effort on Perth’s DIEHIGH Records. Enlisting the vocal work of Madeline Vida, ‘Can’t Touch Me‘ is progression from his previous work, whilst still pushing that club take on percussive instrumentation. Paces goes in harder here

Flamingo // Heavy Steps [EP]

Flamingo heavy steps

Flamingo are buzz. The little Adelaide band that could are turning heads wherever they go, tribute to their Elizabeth Rose-bigged live show (personally enlisted to play a bunch of hand-picked supports around the country) and the triple j repped ‘Heart, My‘. Satisfied with their sound and output of music, ‘Heavy Steps‘ is their debut label

JAWS // Bare

JAWS // Bare

Twenty year old Sydney kid going by the name of JAWS is laying down some awesome vibes as of late. He has a number of edits and a couple originals, the one that stood out to me was definitely ‘Bare‘ and you’ll soon see why. Well there’s actually not much known about kid but I

Pascäal // Drowning In You

Pascäal // Drowning In You

Introducing Pascäal, he’s from Michigan, lives in Austin and makes beats. I’ve taken real a liking to a particular track of his titled ‘Drowning In You’. Firstly I would just like to say that this track is BEAUTIFUL! There’s just something about those droning synth’s, on-point percussion and beat slaps that make this tune super

SLUMBERJACK // Sprinter ft. Sable

SLUMBERJACK // Sprinter feat. Sable

Apparently these dudes called SLUMBERJACK are good at sleeping, turns out their pretty damn good at making high energy beats too. With Sable by their side ‘Sprinter‘ is the latest track to emerge from the duo and boy does it ooze awesomeness. The beginning of the track is sounding very Wave-Racery (dig it) and all

Klo // Make Me Wonder

Klo // Make Me Wonder

Brand new duo Klo sees cousin’s Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam put together a serious chill-wave track titled ‘Make Me Wonder‘. Simon is no stranger to the Australian music scene with previous work ranging from audio-engineering to producing to acting as a vocalist AND a drummer for Melbourne trio I’lls! How talented is this beat-smith?! The experience

RUFUS // Sundream (Hayden James Remix)

Close Rufus // Sundream (Hayden James Remix)

Oh man, do we have some talent amongst us in Australia right now?! Renowned label Sweat It Out are on the forefront of it all and today I’m here to show off Hayden James‘ remix of RUFUS‘ wonderful ‘Sundream‘! RUFUS have just come off a stellar year with their album Atlas receiving a huge response from

SAFIA // Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds


SAFIA are good sports. They realise Wednesday can be a drag. That depressing, lulling moment where either side of the weekend is at an unattainable distance. So in high spirits and the interest of giveth and you shall receive, the Canberra three-piece have premiered a new, free to download load-blower, ‘Paranoia, Ghosts & Other Sounds‘.