Wave Racer // Flash Drive ft. B by

wave racer flash drive

Wave Racer‘s tour de force hits harder than a Mick Fanning coward punch and is a much welcomed return during this seasonably cold snap. Continuing to push the Future Classic banner to unchartered territory, Wavey delivers on another bubblegum banger made to suit any locale. ‘Flash Drive‘ mixes jersey influenced elasticity with bass licks kindred to

Cosmo’s Midnight // Walk With Me (ft. KUCKA)

cosmos midnight walk with me

Cute boys Cosmo’s Midnight have walked back into our lives with a shimmering cut of disco pop inspired future bass on ‘Walk With Me‘. We’ve had a real penchant this year for posting songs either released by or featuring Perth yung-gun KUCKA, which wouldn’t be a problem if our site recognised the special characters in her name

Stream Jamie xx’s 60 Minute Glastonbury DJ Set // ‘Fuck Kanye’ Flags Not Included

jamie xx glasto

Are we all agreed In Colour is 2015’s hottest record yet? NO?! Well your opinion is insignificant without a meme to back it up. Out to Benji B and BBC for the hook ups on this one, Jamie xx blows through a lot of In Colour, including short odd and favourable punt for song of

Jbox // I Can


Jbox is an up and coming artist that produces unquestionable music. His smooth summery vibes are throughout the Queenslanders music portfolio, which is set to be discovered by the masses shortly. ‘I Can’ reminds me of a New Years trip where the sunshine is beaming, the vibes are flowing and your crew is about to embark

DJ Snake & AlunaGeorge // You Know You Like It (Rusty Hook Flip)

you know you like it rusty hook

Toulouse trap tyke Rusty Hook has a knack for just that – producing some of the more memorable reconfigured hooks of pop songs during the last year. Toying with artists as diverse as t.A.T.u to Jack U? he’s found safe ground with his style and output. Jumping on the resurgence in popularity of DJ Snake‘s ‘You

Last Five // Crooked Colours

crooked colours tour

Photo // Howls And Echoes Crooked Colours are touring the group’s favourite venues on their ‘Club Night’s / ‘Another Way’ single launch with the help of Torren Foot & Mickey Kojak. Getting back to their sweaty club roots and curating these all night parties have found the trio back on the road and lapping up the

Flume // Some Minds ft. Andrew Wyatt (Luca Lush Remix)

some minds luca lush

Luca Lush is a master of the new wave beat scene which has well and truly emerged now from the Internet. No longer is a movement of music generated from living, inhabitable cities – they’re now connected through the online community too. In fairness I don’t know where Luca hails, but it barely has bearing

Jai Wolf // Indian Summer

jai wolf indian summer

It feels like everything has culminated wholly to this magnificent point for Jai Wolf; a debut original production released on Odesza‘s hugely bloggable Foreign Family, an ever-growing army of online admirers (sitting at 40k followers on SC thank you very much) and a sure thing for end of year lists in the celestial ‘Indian Summer‘. From