Sam Gellaitry // Temple


Is the term musical prodigy bandied around too much these days? It’s probably best left reserved for 17 year old Sam Gellaitry who on this one ‘Temple‘ flexes all the strength of a seasoned producer. Fresh signed to the ultimate tastemakers Soulection with an imminent February release on a debut EP for the crew, ‘Temple‘ sets the

Fingers In The Till Presents • HELL DEEP // SONDRIO • Pirie & Co. Social Club

hell deep sondrio

// EVENT INFORMATION ON FACEBOOK You can only be a critic for so long, lament the fact your favourite artists miss Adelaide time and time again before you realise the only way something will change is if you decide to contribute to change yourself. And with that we are extremely proud and overwhelmingly excited to

Hayden James // Something About You

Hayden James something about you

Has the best dance track of the year been released in December? Perhaps. Hayden James just makin’ sure you remember his name come the new year. ‘Something About You‘ is a quintessential house anthem to be. From his own (yes, that’s his voice!) sultry, seductive vocals to the underlying groove that chugs along at a mere

Sinjin Hawke Pulls Beyond The Valley Appearance, Aston Shuffle Step Up

aston shuffle btv

Some shit news today for Beyond The Valley with Candian born, Pelican Fly regular Sinjin Hawke cancelling his appearance at the two day, New Years camping festival. Due to ‘recording committments’ the intrinsic, bass-laden sounds of, and I can only imagine his mates have nicknamed him this, Hawkey will be sorely missed. But not to worry as BTV has

Cosmo’s Midnight // Snare ft. Wild Eyed Boy

cosmos midnight snare

Off our radar and knuckling down in the studio it’s been over a minute now since Cosmo’s Midnight blessed our ear drums with some damn fine ADM speak. Returning with a new EP tentatively locked in for early 2015, the Liney twins have unleashed a sweltering ode to R&B classics on ‘Snare‘. Revealing a softer

A-Trak // Push ft. Andrew Wyatt (GANZ Remix)

a-trak push ganz

If it is on FIFA therefore it is a top jam. A hypothesis I’ve lived by all my life, influencing and educating musical trends for millions of football lovers over decades now. I can’t say for certain the latest edition inspired the Netherland’s answer to Mr. Bombastic, otherwise GANZ to flip remix A-Trak‘s latest single; but by God we’re thankful

Fly To Sydney With Ray-Ban To Attend Secret Elite Event!

Fly to Sydney with Ray-Ban to attend a secret elite event!

Are you ready to take Ray-Ban’s challenge to join the revolution that is ‘The Order Of Never Hide‘? If you think you have what it takes there is an awesome prize up for grabs for your efforts which entails a trip to Sydney where you’ll attend the first non-secretive, secretive underground meeting of ‘The Order

Flight Facilities // Two Bodies ft. Emma Louise (Lido Remix)

flight facilities two bodies lido

If anyone needed further proof, and let’s be real who does, that Lido is the shit here you go. The Norwegian gun devastatingly breaks each bone of ‘Two Bodies‘, skinning it bare leaving only the delicate voice of Emma Louise. With the beat disparaged all that remains is a touching piano line and few minimal,